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Eden, W. van (Willem)
Eden, W. van (Willem)
Chair, Division of Immunology
Utrecht University

Willem van Eden (MD, PhD) is professor of Immunology in the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University and Head of the division of Immunology. Aner his MD training (Groningen), he obtained his PhD in the area of immunogene3cs at Leiden University (1983) and spent several years for postdoctoral training at the Weizmann Ins3tute (Israel), where he developed models of experimental autoimmunity. In 1985 he obtained a posi3on at the veterinary faculty in Utrecht. From 1986-1989 he received specialty training in Medical Microbiology in Utrecht University Medical Centre. He was member of Health Council of the Netherlands (Gezondheidsraad), advising the minister with respect to the na3onal vaccina3on program and he is member of the ECDC Scien3fic Advisory Panel on Vaccines and Immuniza3on (EVAG, ECDC Stockholm). He is in the Scien3fic advisory board of Mucosis BV (mucosal vaccina3on) and the Biomedical Primate Centre (BPRC) in Rijswijk. He was coordinator of 4 EU research programs (FP4-6) in the area of vaccines, infec3ous diseases and chronic inflamma3on. He is founder and CSO of Trajectum Pharma BV (immuno-modulatory vaccines for autoimmune diseases). He is chief editor of Fron3ers in Nutri3onal Immunology and receiving Editor for Cell Stress & Chaperones (Springer Verlag) and FEMS Pathogens and Disease (Oxford University Press). His key areas of interest are immuno-regula3on and immunomodula3on through stress proteins and autoimmunity. He has pioneered the area of stress proteins (heat shock proteins) and their use for immuno-regulatory (pep3de) vaccines.

Research Interest

Immunology, S-TIRâ„¢ technology platform for human specific therapeutic vaccines

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