Vaccine Design-Immunoinformatics

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Vaccines have long been used to fight against infectious disease; however the last decade has witnessed a revolution in the approach to vaccine design and development. No longer is there a need to rely on the laborious classical methods like attenuation or killing the pathogenicity of microbes. Many sophisticated latest technologies can be used for the rational identification of antigens to the synthesis of complex engineered carrier proteins and much more. Immunoinformatics play the major role in vaccine design where everything is computer-aided techniques such as genomics, proteomics, and synthetic chemistry used to check the stability, strength and half-life of the vaccine by targeting the specific gene through the comparative analysis.

  • Web-based tool for vaccine design
  • Epitope vaccine design
  • Advances in the field of immunoinformatics
  • Challenges in immuno-informatics
  • Genomic and Proteomic way of approach

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