Vaccination for older/aged people

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As we get aged, our immune systems become less effective to protect us from infectious and non-infectious disease. This means that we become more prone to catching infections, and once we catch an infection we will take longer time to recover. Also, there is the chance to lose some of our immunity to that disease which we were vaccinated against in childhood. So taking vaccine will help to improve the immunization of the body. Omitting vaccination leads to severe illnesses, long-term suffering & death from preventable infections. Vaccine schedule also uploaded in the website of Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC).

Austrian biotech company AFFiRiS developed the vaccine for Parkinson’s diseases in the clinical level by targeting the protein called alpha-synuclein to overcome the movement and memory disorder in the older people. 

  • Need of vaccine for aged people
  • Vaccinatoin hand outs for older people
  • Shingles vaccine
  • Parkinson's diseases vaccine
  • Herpes roster vaccine

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