Vaccination for bacterial Diseases

Vaccination for bacterial Diseases Photo

Immunization schedule on the bacterial vaccines are done around the world from the infant to adulthood to protect against some bacterial diseases with respective vaccine such as pneumoccal vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine, typhoid vaccine, chickenpox vaccine, yellow fever vaccine and several other bacterial vaccine. Recently in US, the immunization of two rodent species with new live-attenuated mutants of Yersinia pestis CO92 induces protection for long-term humoral and cell-mediated immunity against pneumonic plague. In every hospitals and online website we can find the vaccination chart and dose-level according to the epidemiology of the disease in the country with FDA approved. 

  • Vaccine for enteric-bacterial infection
  • Respiratory bacterial vaccine
  • Bacterial vaccine failure in Children
  • Vaccine against fish-bacterial disease
  • Epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Immunisation schedule for bacterial diseases

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