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Vaccine research & development has been slowly developed from the small pox human vaccine to human vaccines for rabies, tetanus, typhoid, yellow fever, influenza, chicken pox, hepatitis A, malaria, ebola and dengue fever as the timeline from 18th to 21st century.  It is an activity that focuses on a variety of technological initiatives, which enhance & promote improved latest system and practices for vaccine usage and safety. Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement. So we must review all the failures to learn in order to overcome the current challenges in the vaccine development by standardized the procedures and regulations accordingly. This will help to improve the immunization of human population.

  • Basic Vaccinology
  • Ebola outbreak
  • Vaccines discovery, development & formulation
  • Vaccine clinical trials
  • Vaccine Management & Quality Assurance
  • Vaccine Immunoinformatics
  • Therapeutic vaccination for auto immune diseases

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