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Immunization schedules are very important for the infant/children ages between 0-6 years to protect against 14 diseases form birth. These vaccines will improve the immune system against these diseases.

During the birth, the immune system of the babies will be in the developing stage. So the vaccine flu shot will work well and start to produce the antibody for the 14 diseases periodically. It is currently recommended that all children receive vaccination against all infectious diseases unless the child has special circumstances, such as a compromised immune system or neurological disorders. Without vaccines, epidemics of many preventable diseases could return, resulting in increased - and unnecessary - illness, disability, and death among children.

Recording of low levels of vaccine-preventable childhood diseases in the United States does not mean these have disappeared. So it is important to vaccinate children, especially infants and young children to receive recommended vaccine on time to improvise their immunisation.

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