Clinical Trials in Animals Models

Clinical Trials in Animals Models Photo

Clinical trials in the vaccine development take long time as the commercial usage approval from FDA includes typical 5 complicated steps. Recently, the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) collaborated with a wide range of partners to facilitate the development and future introduction of safe, effective and affordable zika vaccine. Now, it enters into the clinical trial phase I in humans. They are trying 5 different type of vaccine against zika. But the DNA based vaccine creates bliss among the types. DNA-based zika vaccine contains killed zika virus and not any infectious material. It is safer than the traditional vaccine. The first will initially check the efficacy of the vaccine. But it doesn’t mean that it will come for the commercial vaccine usage.

  • Animal models
  • Anti-Tumor Response
  • Zika Virus phase I test
  • Immune Cells responsiveness
  • Ebola’s Immune Escape

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