Cancer Vaccine and Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer Vaccine and Cancer Immunotherapy Photo Researchers are trying to develop vaccines to fight against cancer for past decades, but this has proven to be harder than was first thought. The cancer cells natural defense suppresses the immune system of the host and grows rapidly within their population. So the researchers are using the knowledge gained in recent years to improve how they develop cancer vaccines. Hereby, their deliver vaccines along with other substances (called adjuvants) that help boost up the body’s immune response, which might help the vaccines work better. Treatment cancer vaccines are given to the cancer patient after the chemotherapy to fight against the cancer cells. After chemotherapy, the cells will have poor immune response. So this vaccine will act as the barrier for invaders. All the cancer vaccines are still in the clinical level due to the complex human immune systems. Cancer vaccine will be injected under the skin offenly to activate the melanoma antigen.

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